An independent tutoring service focusing on happiness and confidence since 2015

At Super Tutoring we believe it’s important to focus on happiness and confidence in order for your child to achieve excellent results. When lessons are fun and engaging, they’re more likely to leave a lasting impression and reduce some of that stress which can get in the way of success.

It’s easy to let pressure build up when getting ready for the 11 plus and independent school exams, which can make it even more challenging to perform well when the day comes. Our lessons are designed to enable your child to have fun, think critically and apply their learning long after they sit their 11 plus exam.

Taught by specialist English and maths teachers

Our 11 plus tuition classes are taught by specialist English and maths teachers, delivering in-depth subject knowledge while encouraging engagement and accelerating progress.

We understand that every child can be at a different stage in their learning, which is why we teach in small groups of 8 students or less. Our small group size means that we can give each child the individual support they need, while also providing you with an affordable alternative to private tuition.

Education is important, happiness is key.

Super Tutoring was founded in 2015 by experienced tutor Claud Cunningham. Claud is a law graduate and highly successful PGCE qualified maths teacher who has thousands of teaching hours under her belt.

While working in the arts co-ordinating young people’s creative projects Claud discovered her love for teaching. She also found that helping children grow in confidence is a very rewarding experience. This spurred her on to become a teacher help children to fulfil their potential full-time.

Claud realised while working in schools that she wanted to create the best learning environment for her pupils and focus on skills that go beyond the classroom. That’s when she decided to leave the traditional school structure and set up Super Tutoring, where children could be happy and stress-free, and learn more than just the skills to pass their exams.

Claud Cunningham, founder of Super Tutoring
Claud Cunningham, founder of Super Tutoring

Meet Our Tutors

Roisin Markham

Hi, my name is Roisin, and I am a Secondary English teacher. I am very passionate about my subject as I believe there is scope within it for everyone to shine – I love helping students develop their unique creative and analytical voices. When I am not in the classroom, I am most likely reading with a big cup of tea, or walking my dog, Flic.’

 My top tip for learning is to be curious! Don’t be afraid to ask questions – in or out of school – take an interest in what is going on around you and try out applying your new knowledge. For example, if you read a new word which you don’t understand, find out what it means, and then try to use it in a conversation the next day.

Alice Prime

Hi, my name is Alice and I’ve been a maths teacher for four years. I really love seeing young people reach their full potential and helping them believe in themselves. When I’m not teaching maths I’m out walking my French Bulldog Roxie, running or going to the gym.

My top tip for doing well in maths is to do little bits often, and trust that you can succeed. When you start seeing the connections with other subjects that really helps too!

Lois Howarth

Hi, my name is Lois and I am a primary school teacher. I have lots of experience of working with children in KS2. I am passionate about developing student confidence and helping students to believe in their own academic ability. You can expect my lessons to build upon skills and knowledge while also developing resilience and perseverance.

My top tip for the 11 plus is to read often! Find a genre you enjoy and build reading into your daily routine.

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