Super Tutoring is an independent tutoring service based in Manchester.

It is the brainchild of Claud Cunningham, a law graduate and highly successful PGCE qualified maths teacher with thousands of hours of teaching under her belt. She was inspired by a current affairs article on ‘Super Tutors’ and hence Super Tutoring was born.


Building good relationships is important. Students will learn more if they’re not afraid of making mistakes


Share in our success!

Super Tutoring’s success continues to grow. Their Entrance Examination Program has an impressive success rate, with 89% of students winning places in Trafford Consortium Schools, Loreto High School for Girls, Stockport Grammar School, Manchester Grammar School and Withington High School for Girls. 


Super Tutoring started teaching my 13 year old son over a year ago. My son was okay in maths before that, less focussed and was in set 4 of Maths lessons in his school. With the help of Super Tutoring, he’s quickly moved from set 4 to set 2 and he is also top in his set; He’s gone from strength to strength. His scores have improved a lot and Maths is undoubtedly his favourite subject now! In a nutshell Super Tutoring is brilliant and I am so glad I found them!!


Malar, Parent, Manchester Grammar School



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