Another parent who loves our 11 plus group classes

See her testimonial below:

This was quite a daunting prospect for us and my daughter as her lack of confidence in anything Maths related was evident.

The tutors were supportive, nurturing and worked hard to build her skills and to increase her confidence in her own ability. In addition, although working in groups, they catered for her needs individually. Putting the 11 plus to one side, my daughter has benefited greatly from increased confidence in Maths and English and this is reflected in her school performance and report this year.

I’m Much more positive and confident in my daughter’s ability to give it her best.

I would recommend Super Tutoring because of their dedication to students but also the approach to focus on building the broader set of mathematical and English skills and their ability to quickly identify students’ weak areas and provide support in overcoming these. In addition, the guidance given to parents on how to assist at home. Super Tutoring have been fantastic overall.

This parent also told us that before working with Super Tutoring her child wasn’t great when it came to 11 plus exam confidence. We’re delighted that she’s now feeling very confident thanks to our group sessions.

If you’d like your child to be an 11 plus hero, our classes start at the beginning of September.