Celebrating the resilience of our Super Students

My favourite Harry Potter character has to be Hermione. The thing I admire most about her is the confidence she exudes in her abilities and knowledge.

I teach a girl who, shortly before joining Super Tutoring, had sat an entrance exam with a prestigious independent girls’ school in Manchester. Unfortunately, she didn’t get in which really knocked her confidence, so I made it my mission to build it back up again. Within four short months, it absolutely sky-rocketed!

Just like Hermione, she now isn’t shy about sharing her knowledge with others. In fact, she has even learnt to teach the class!

She will take any opportunity to come up to the board to explain the work to the other children, repeating the ‘break down’ process that she has been taught so that they can understand it. I think we have another Super Tutor in the making.

She recently re-sat the entrance exam and passed with flying colours – and a whole year early.

She loves our classes so much that she’s decided to stay on too. I’m beyond delighted.

I’ve decided she can have my job. I’ll pay her in Bertie Botts jelly beans!