Why an online 11 plus Summer school will be good for your child

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Our online Summer School runs over five days (26th – 30th July, from 9 am – 12 pm), with a 2-hour mock exam on the final day. It’s aimed at year 5 students with a maximum of eight in a group. Throughout the course, we will study both CEM and GL 11 plus practice papers. We’ll also provide in-depth revision of 11 plus Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Our Summer School is a stand-alone course and can be used to: 

  • complement the learning received during our weekly classes 
  • as a means of seeing if your child will be ready to sit the 11 plus in September
  • a way to find out if they need targeted revision (extra input)
  • as an add on to your home tutoring
  • to experience a test under exam conditions

How Do We Do It?

By the time we reach the summer, the students will have developed their exam skills, especially if they have been attending our weekly classes (hint, hint). They will have also received a confidence and knowledge booster from our Easter school

With just under two months to go before the 11 plus exam, however, knowledge still needs to be honed – and that’s what we focus on doing in our summer school. 

During the course, we will provide the know-how to tackle the exam questions confidently. We will also teach them valuable exam tips and techniques. They will learn how to work quickly and accurately on the day.

Time management training

As we go through the course, we show the students how important it is to manage their time. We do this by reducing the amount of time allowed, per exercise, as the week progresses. This way they get a feel for the speed they need to be working at.

Please see the table for a breakdown of the time allowed:

DayTime allowed for practice exercises 
1As much time as needed to complete each exercise
2As much time as needed to complete each exercise
3Double exam time
450% extra time
5Strict exam time  (mock test)
Time management table

11 Plus Maths

Students struggle with 11 plus maths reasoning questions. It can be difficult for them to figure out which topic they are being asked about. The questions on these practice papers are more akin to GCSE foundation maths questions, but they break it into parts to ‘guide them’ to an answer.

This is why Super Tutoring students also get to practice GCSE foundation maths exam questions during our weekly classes. We do this so that they gain valuable experience in answering reasoning questions at a high academic level. 

Your child will gain confidence and expertise in answering these questions, so that come the day of the 11 plus they will not be phased. 

Verbal Reasoning

Students may have considerable experience of doing reading comprehension at school, but not at the level required for 11 plus.

Primary school reading comprehension is easier. For the 11 plus, they require an extensive vocabulary and a good understanding of inference to do well. If your child’s vocabulary is lacking, it will be more of a challenge to improve this with less than two months to go to the exam, but it’s not impossible. Attending our summer school will provide an indication of improvements required and our revision classes provide the help needed.

“My son joined Super Tutoring very late ( August 2020). He was struggling with English and verbal reasoning. At this point, they were focused on revision and this helped him greatly. And having other children in the sessions helped a lot with healthy competition. The tutors were very helpful in and outside sessions. My son went on to pass his exams recently and did very well in both subjects. Thanks Super Tutoring for taking him in at the last minute!”

Clarity Within, Parent

Shuffled sentences, cloze, and the other elements of Verbal Reasoning are not taught at Primary School. As a result, students can find these types of exercises difficult. However, with the extensive practice we’ll provide, they’ll soon find them easier to tackle and feel far more confident when doing so.

Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR)

Although Non-Verbal Reasoning is not taught at school, at this stage in the year, students who attend our weekly classes will be proficient and confident in answering these questions. 

Our summer school will help them to complete this section of the 11 plus quickly and accurately. This is achieved by focussing on the main elements that your child should be looking out for when attempting these questions. 

How does the Easter School differ from our Summer School?

Our Summer School is similar to our Easter School, but it runs over five days. On the fifth day, there’s a mock exam. We provide the results along with a written report so that you can see which areas require more study. 

More about the mock exam

During the mock exam, your child will sit exam papers comprising of comprehension, short and long maths questions, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, depending on the exam board. 

So that the exam feels authentic we play an audio file or read instructions to mimic what could happen on the day of the 11 plus exam. Finally, we provide written feedback on their results so that you can see which areas require improvement.

Read more about the benefits of sitting a mock exam

What happens next?

It’s not unusual for a child to fail a mock exam at this stage and then go on to pass the 11 plus. Most students will not be used to working at the speed required to pass. They struggle to work quickly and accurately. However, providing they have the required subject knowledge there’s ample time to focus on working quickly and accurately. This is something that we can help with.

How do we keep children engaged during online lessons?

Well, having the camera turned on helps. We will work together as a group and your child will have the opportunity to work independently.  Our teachers are experienced in monitoring and supporting the children as they work. 

We ask each child to explain their thinking and we can tell whether they understand or not. We always steer them back in the right direction if they’re heading down the wrong road, thereby improving their understanding. At the same time, they get used to explaining their reasoning. So, although they may be in a small group, they will still be receiving plenty of individual attention.

Consolidation phase

Consolidation usually takes place before moving onto the next subject. More challenging 11 plus practice questions will be displayed. Students also get to play teacher for a while by writing on the screen demonstrating how to answer the question to the class. 

All students will have an opportunity to do this. In the early days of my teacher training, I would break into an anxious sweat at the prospect of having to practice being a teacher in front of my peers, but children love it – even the quieter ones!  

Throughout the day they will have received plenty of praise and encouragement making them very keen to participate. We find that this improves their confidence and self-belief, which is part of the winning formula for 11 plus success. 

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Our Summer School will go a long way to plugging the gap between what’s taught at school and what’s needed to pass the 11 plus. It will improve your child’s confidence and build their subject knowledge. Book a 15 minute chat with me to find out how we can help.