11 Plus parent video review

We’ve been successfully preparing children for the 11 plus since 2016

Here’s a review by a current student, Yusra and her dad, Karim. Yusra joined us in Year 4. She has made excellent progress in our 11 plus classes and has graduated to our year 5 lessons. Initially she was very shy, but we made her feel welcome by being kind, caring and generous. Yusra enjoys our fun activities and how we go out of our way to ensure she understands.

Karim has found our tutoring to be exceptional and he highly recommends us especially to parents who are looking to give their child an early advantage and the opportunity to excel in the 11 plus.

Karim also loves that we tutor online because this provides quality support from the comfort of his home and is very convenient for him.

It’s been a pleasure teaching Yusra and we’re looking forward to seeing her make even more progress in year 5

Super Tutoring prepares children for the 11 plus exam by plugging the gap between what’s taught at school and what’s needed to pass the 11 plus. Book a 15-minute chat with me to find out how we can help.