Removing stress for exam success

It is not a surprise that stress can have a negative impact on students. However the negative impact can stretch as far as impairing learning and memory. Creating a situation that can reduce and remove stress will not only have a positive impact on general well-being and confidence but also learning and retention too.

A recent feature in Verywell Mind focussed in on the impacts of stress on memory formation and retrieval. Which struck a chord here at Super Tutoring – we have seen the impacts of stressful learning targets and classroom environments on students – and more importantly we understand the important role that a stress reducing learning environment can play in their success.

“High stress can affect memory as well as contribute to the stress that impedes memory formation and retrieval.”

So how can this impact Year 4 and Year 5 students currently studying towards their 11 plus and entrance exams? Here are a couple of scenarios we regularly see.

Exam pressures

Working toward an exam can create stress and anxiety in students. Looming exam dates, pass rate targets and revision schedules stretching out in front of them can cause panic, lack of focus and confidence in so many students. Even when putting extra time into study at home, the impact of this stress can make this study time unfocussed and disorganised and compound the stress effects.

Classroom stress

Working with their peers with the prospect of passing the exam to get into their chosen school can add stress and anxiety to the classroom environment which can impact learning. Keeping up with the pace of lessons whilst constantly comparing themselves to their classmates is a familiar scenario and can create lack of confidence and impact learning. The added pressure of potentially missing out on the school of choice through failing the entrance exam can leave students stressed and unsure where to get additional help.

At Super Tutoring we provide specialist tutoring for Year 4 and Year 5 students studying for their 11 Plus and entrance exams. In addition to achieving an 89% pass rate, we have a tried and trusted track record of building children’s’ confidence and creating fun, engaging, stress-free learning environments.

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