Removing Pressures: Give your child study success in 2020

It can be exciting planning for a new year and fresh start however pressures can easily build up. Time spent in education should be an inspiring and rewarding experience however with exams, timetables and ever increasing homework, course work and class room deadlines it is no wonder that pressure can mount up.

At Super Tutoring we work closely with Year 4 and Year 5 students to not only help providing expert tutoring but also create engaging study environments that give them the performance advantage whilst relieving the pressures seen all too often in students.

Exam pressures

Working toward an exam can create stress and anxiety in students. Looming exam dates, pass rate targets and revision schedules stretching out in front of them can cause panic, lack of focus and confidence in so many students. Even when putting extra time into study at home, the impact of this stress can make this study time unfocussed and disorganised and compound the stress effects.

“They taught me all the things I needed to know for my 11+ and helped me get over my fear of exams by teaching exam technique.”

Super Tutoring student

Classroom stress

Working with their peers with the prospect of passing the exam to get into their chosen school can add stress and anxiety to the classroom environment which can impact learning. Keeping up with the pace of lessons whilst constantly comparing themselves to their classmates is a familiar scenario and can create lack of confidence and impact learning. The added pressure of potentially missing out on the school of choice through failing the entrance exam can leave students stressed and unsure where to get additional help.

“Without Super Tutoring I wouldn’t be where I am today… Their happy vibes and good sense of humour made the sessions enjoyable which made me want to be there.”

Super Tutoring student

Get your child study success with Super Tutoring

At Super Tutoring we provide specialist tutoring for Year 4 and Year 5 students studying for their 11 Plus and entrance exams. In addition to achieving successes for children with their pass rates and successful school placements, we have a tried and trusted track record of building children’s’ confidence and creating fun, engaging, stress-free learning environments.

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